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Liesbeth Kempen

Project Manager
Delft, The Netherlands
Liesbeth Kempen studied Computer Science at the TU Delft and Artificial Intelligence at the VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
She started programming at the age of 9 and got her first job in IT as a network operator at 19. Since then, she has been working as a tester, programmer and software architect and she has been managing IT projects and software development teams for 10 years now.
She has worked on and seen software development projects from many different angles. Joining Fox-IT in October 2014 made her realize that she has always been doing the best she could on application security, but never really coded or managed with “the villain in mind”.
At Fox-IT she is currently managing a software development project for a piece of software that supports security operations. Besides that, she is managing big security implementation projects for customers.
To find out even more about breaking stuff than during her work at Fox-IT, she played in the WICS (Women In Cyber Security) CTF team at HITB 2016.